2012 Opportunities:

Farm Intern
Living space and boarding in exchange for hours given to farm’s needs.  we have a small 12′ x 12′ cabin w/porch &/out house

Farm Manager
We are looking for an individual to oversee gardens, produce, and sale along side me (dORY). More of a partnership than an employee-ship. In that, I mean the right someone could come here and manage gardens and be responsible for the marketing of produce where the manager would reap most of the profit from this business effort, i.e., make one’s own business with us. This person would be the merchant. We would be the land and the support for that effort. Further discussion would need to be in person.  let me clarify as misunderstanding seem to be possible.  this is not a paying position necessarily, it is an opportunity to grow your own position here with legistical support such as: room/board, tools transportation/markets/connections, many licenses to sustain development of vocational dreams..  it is mostly an opportunity to make the market base, and position for one self with us and opportunities that abound here, if you have the heart, the strong back and business nose.. you might find yourself able to full fill a village or tribe like dream..  we see our project sunswept as a 900 year project..  there are values within that frame work which leave most business models on the floor, but, not all..

love and permanent culture joining in the garden

we are a very stable land conservancy,, this is a priceless asset in this world.  we have an educational mandate and philosophy.