season’s reseeding

Our swedish relatives are in town, or right now, in the states, in joying the sun from a lower latitude than their homeland provides.  for as low as the sun rides this time of the year,  those long shadows harbor the contrasts along the side of the warm sun rays of our mountain sky.

let your little light shine

i love this time of the year, when the sun’s circle so clearly radiates on every forest branch around that moments location of the winter sun.


you can see deep into the forest.  the leaves no longer rattle when you move over them.. now they are damp and quiet. now you can walk in the woods and remain as invisible as you might like to find out you can be, part of the woods, as blended as the deer.

the seeds have matured from this years growing, and with the hand of the cold north wind release many of these seeds down to the earth, covered with the scatter of leaves blown, and the frost’s upheaval through the night. the growing time is now resting in these seeds, the next generation of growing.  one plant makes of itself all it needs, to live and thrive through its time, and, abound with so many seeds!!  enough to grow self again and again in the following year, and also enough to feed the bird, and mouse enough to give to those too who will now live too through the winter’s long nights.

to live on a farm is to touch daily these simple truths every day.  today i picked lettuces, arugula, and spinach from the seeds of last years plants, planted in late summer to give us fresh greens now.  and as i pick to eat, i stir the earth again to prepare for seeds again as the forever circle is near on a farm..

raphael shot 2 deer this year, and we eat well from the land in this way too.  the clean drop of the doe gave us delicious meat, and a skin to tan for clothing, a vest to mark the day as deeply gifted with the life of a deer, for our family for winter wellness.    we make bone soup, cooked for several days, so the marrow will release into the stock and feed our bones made from the land.

we have met many in circle and gathering here on the farm and this area this year’s season.  as was the way of the turkey clan, who hold this area sacred, it is a summer place to celebrate connection with land and water, sky and the connections with the heart of community.  we had weekend long celebrations with one another, and the peaceful connection with the warm earth and our farm community here made up of cows, horses, chickens, pigs and us two leggeds who steward food and water needs as they need be.  something happens for folks who come from an unnested life when they come here, and find the food we will eat right outside the door,  whether as milking the cow, collecting the eggs, or working and picking greens from the garden, there is something beyond grounding that occurs, as words of wisdom are spoken by our retreat leaders, the visible starscape, and land connection works its way up through the soils to the heart of those who come here.  i know i see the softening as these weekends progress.  we love seeing the smiles broaden and community connections growing more solid and are carried away from here to live on in the minds and hearts of those who have shared a love moment here sometime through the season of the sun..  already we have dates marked to return plans of gathering circles bent on sharing and learning.  this next year i have got to get in on the spontaneous song writing and proforming workshop, too much fun.

as asheville continues to unfold as a nature centered city, we will have the first wild food tail gate market starting this spring 2013.  in 2012 we got out in the woods and picked reshi mushrooms, chicken of the wood, morrells, hen of the wood, chanterelle, to name most of what we found.  some were sold to local restaurants, as we continue to educate the market to these delicious delights.  here in the mountains, we can literally eat well from the woods and pastures before ever planting a garden. true freedom comes with these facts, and adds great nutrition to what does come from the garden and the store.  seems people who move through this sunswept farm place find how much fun all this can be.  i hope at least some of this rubs off.

we have built, this year, a seed of sorts in our metal working studio.  this year we have build a system of making a pulley pendant that will allow us to move efficiently into the market place near and far.  raphael has joined into the making place in our metal shop and helped perfect this little system which will allow us to make this piece as a production item allowing more folks to come to the farm and participate in this young cottage industry we are growing here.  talk with some is already underway..  but for now,  it is sleep moment here on the farm.. the metal working is put to bed, the cow is dry, the chickens have molted and will eventually lay eggs again..  all is with the long night.  as i am too..  we are all but a cycle of life in the ever reseeding that occurs..  if we have made seeds that feed the future with a little nutritional wisdom, we have done our part.  if we hold with old ways worth continuing to keep as they allow us to find the holy in nature, this too is a good thing, for these are the seeds of the wellness we can plant for ourselves and our children to grow strong on.. let it be so.  happy new year,, we move from 12/12/12  a symbol of completion, to 13, a prime number feminine and whole again born unto itself…  as part of this reseeding, let’s get it on ………. here we come

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  1. Jane Lawson
    Posted February 10, 2013 at 4:13 pm | Permalink

    I really resonate with your blog. I feel we are kindred spirits and have wanted to meet you since learning about you and your farm last summer. My husband John and I have a place in Gerton, Hickory Nut Forest Eco Community and Laughing Waters Retreat Center. We also host events and gatherings. We are in heaven, living close to the land. I spent some time in the long-ago past at Long Branch in Sandy Mush and have been yearning to get back to the land once again. I’d love to get together with you sometime soon, at our place or yours. Are you up for it?

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