scorpio time

the seasons change, now the deep shadows keep the north spots cool all day, and wet.  fallen leaves gather there to rot and become rich to the whole of the forest in the process.  the tree trunks stand out now more with the rusts and luminous yellows staging their star role in the scenery now.  the spiders, and the mice want to come in.

Before their was tobacco as a crop, these mountains grew apples as a livelihood and made some of the best hard cider from anywhere.  there are still the remnants of the old orchards back in these hills. it is the hard cider apples that are left on the trees now to pick to get , pick up and press.

this past warm saturday gave us the beauty to walk out onto the mountains sides, crunching over the fallen leaves, saying again hi to our neighbors and gathering the natural bounty of the mountains at this time of the year.    western north carolina is known for its excellent apples, and it is only !!  the high mountains here especially around max patch that grow the really good cider and hard cider apple varieties.

the work horse of the cider time

i have spent some time grafting and recording these old orchards.  we visited some of these heritage orchards for our apples this year.   i have 21 success stories of grafting doing well in their nursery that are from grafts of these old trees are in one of my vegetable gardens.    we have over 100 apple trees planted, mostly cider varieties. most are young but we get apples from some of our trees now, and have begun to graft the old timey varieties form the old orchards..

we pressed 35 gallons us old geezers we did.  first day, we didn’t have the mountain bike gears set right  - so we were failing at 1/4 of a press.  some folks – who met us at the slow food fundraiser  - came by and got in there and helped pedal and john and i swapped, until i kinda said,, something is not right,, i am NOT that old.  we made pedal gearing adjustments and sailed through the next 23 gallons like yoginis in action.  JUST ONE more of the reasons to stay in shape, eat right and love life!.   this year we pressed 35 gallons for ourselves,,  yeah,,!!  john and i pedaled and the cider poured out.  the colors are deep in the cider and the hillside.  smiles all around.

many things still in the garden

many things still grow in the garden, and now that the cider is put away, and some keeper apples are in the root cellar,  off to pick green tomatoes, and the thousands of tomatillos in the garden…  where are the other robots???   i have so many peppers and choyote squash and i have some good recipes to try.  some things like the celery will just get better as the weather cools.

bob our youngest horse is wonderful  .. he loves his people time, their fingers, and voice snuggles and ear rubs.  i can rub him all over, and work him on a lead.  he know many commands and is the smartest horse i ever met. he can open gates, and more.  his mom, Grace and Auntie Joyti live here too and i can now ride them, we are training them all slowly and with love and patience..

eye of bob/ self reflections

Grace will now let me ride her and she loves it so.  more time to them please universe. enjoying it all,, jewelry making too, shows ahead, shop time competes with farm a blessed need to balance it all,  always the way,  love the challenges…  understanding please to beloveds  for absences in communication land… inner life is calling..  the light retreats to solstice.  so it is…….and so it is within world as well.  time to stoke the inner flame and return to the source, and integrate with the land, family and the wonders of the universe.  privacy is wonderful within the farm and its rhythms.  the rooster grows and you know where you are.  there are always eggs to collect.  i’ll see you’ins at yoga….

8 fold symmetry symbol of "The Breathe of the Compassionate" symbol of manifestation

lucky bob

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  1. sandra
    Posted November 4, 2010 at 9:39 pm | Permalink

    dory and john…all looking wonderful…a lot of hard work i know…hope to see you when all is put to bed!! in peac and light sandra

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