rain & sun

it’s nice to have the alternating rain and sun, ever more growth still advancing the summer.  wet years, like this one for us, have different ways to them than dry years,  different water management.
in a wet year we manage gutters and trenches, mold and forever weeds silt and all forms of run off. we receive much power from the micro hydro, ( our electric company pays us about $5. a month for our extra power… yeah!!   in dry years we manage hoses, and mulch  and water shared with animals ( including us ) fish horses cows chickens and the forest floors and field and pay for electricity much more directly with dollars.  either way, not too much to do but to accept what is given and in joy the life that is provided.  a farm is good for reminding me at least of this nature of the universe.
our bee hives have been established long enough to have me trained up enough to know something of what i am looking at, and to understand where  the hive is in its progress.  i love this part,, to be part of the story of the hives.  i know they react to my way of being with them.. how i am in side myself is what they respond to..i can’t fool them and they remind me of who i am as a human being, present in myself.
the sisterhood rules in the hives.. all serves the sisterhood that is the community and connectedness of purpose through all the hive.  it is not service to a queen because the queen is also in service to the hive especially. the queen is in total service to the group goal – the ongoing wellness of the community.  john saw what to him looked like a small swarm of bees thursday just before the yoga retreat during the first weekend of july.  that thursday john saw what looked like a small dust cloud moving up hill  from where the 7 hives we have are located.  only raphael and i knew one of those hives had lost it’s queen and that there was a queen cell about ready to hatch out that week.. well she did hatch out, i could see the cell vacant with an opening this week, and seems to me – what john saw was a ritual mating flight of that young queen.  it is only once a queen will fly and the drones ( male bees ) of the neighborhood will follow her ( i had thought i saw a increase slightly of drones in the mix also recently,  this is her mating ritual. 

from that single flight the queen and only she will lay for up to 5 years day and night, every 13 seconds, a new egg.  now that is dedication for sure.. to see such a flight is rare,  and special.. for a hive to successfully requeen shows deep cooperation to the goal of the community continuing.  with out loss of individuality is that not what time it is in human being history?? to return to where the good of the larger whole is served together… ?? the time here at sunswept farm continues to unfold in this direction..
this is sourwood time, and the honey flow is on in full for a second time this year.  because there are few cell phone towers, and few pesticides where we are in region ( no cell phone reception here ), the bees are well supported environmentally. we are learning and – we have learned enough to be of assistance to the apiary – the hive as well, so we have joined the team of nature here more fully as is one of our highest goals here, a rare treat to be settled enough to begin to be of value to our very own nature and place in the universe.  may it be so..  beginning again to be a human being rather than a human doing.  4 people join us today to stay for a week or more as work trade for being here.  a family of 4 arrive from texas, where the drought has hit hard.  they are a traveling family staying with like minded folks, and sharing knowledge and skills and opportunity amongst us all..  here we go!!  on friday russell comes to stay for 4 months, and new projects will surely be in the mix, as well as time for horses and tomatoes!!!!!!!!!!! yum and yee haw

love and permanent culture joining in the garden


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