We as a farm are looking for and willing to work with any restaurant’s specific needs for purchase of vegetables and herbs and flowers. We can grow personally from their use and is therefore one direction we want to go. This could include delivery on a weekly or twice a week basis to Asheville and some surrounding areas. Come work with us from the planning of our planting on, if you want, for the freshest most personal food you would want to make your dishes from. We will work toward your needs. Get with us and let’s make a plan. Price list with some options listed available in late January. Email us so we can add you to our list.

We do the best spring mix salad greens out there, and because we are so high up (3300 ft.), we can grow good spring mix well into mid-summer. Our permaculture gardening practices give rich worm-rich soil as growing media; so our food is full of natural goodness from good earth and spring water.

With the blessings of the weather in spring, we will have blueberries to sell, gallons of them late June through end of July.

We have two beehives with more on the way this Spring. We became certified beekeepers in 2011.