Meat & Dairy

We are looking to build long-term relationships with our customers, so we don’t ship our products. We are only selling our fresh and organic farm raised products locally.

This is much better for not only the health of our customers, but is much better for the environment and supports sustainable living. We want to live in a way that not only supports healthy and balance living for all of us today but also supports future generations to follow.

Babe is now pregnant, so we will have fresh cow’s milk for sale late february Of course, this is offered for pet use as it is unpasteurized.

We have fresh eggs, including the coveted Arcana “blue” eggs, which are truly free-range along with our cows, woods, and yard.

Two times a year, I butcher 25 Cornish roasters, 8-12 week old birds. People can sign up for fresh or frozen ones of these butcher runs. I won’t ever do more than that, we keep 5 and sell 20. This breed grows very quickly and becomes a wonderful roaster as big as a small turkey in 12 weeks. These birds are also free range, with natural starter grower feed in their diet. These birds are not organic, because of the feed I add to their diet. This is also true of the chicken eggs, pork, and beef. Everyone gets the supplement of feed a day. You will still never find more delicious meat.

To purchase items below, come by and see us (click here for a map).  Email or call ahead (828-622-7145) to reserve your order. We may also be able to arrange to meet you in Hot Springs with your order.

Whole Chickens $3.25 per pound

Sign up today for whole chickens, 6-9 weeks old. They usually weigh 6-8 pounds and are the best chicken available – so our customers say. We will butcher a small quantity of meat poultry birds in late April or early May. These birds are Cornish rock and Cornish roaster stock. Birds bred to be meat birds. We usually butcher 25-40 birds in late June and early December. Reserve ahead of time, fresh or frozen.

Fresh Eggs $2.00 – $3.50 per doz.
Eggs from the South American Arcana chicken breed have greenish-blue shells and contain a higher amount of protein and less cholesterol. These are not only better for you, they taste really delicious. You won’t want to buy eggs from a grocery store again! Eggs are $2.00 a dozen if picked up at the farm. If we meet you in Hot Springs, they are $3.50 a dozen, with a minimum order of 3 dozen.

Fresh Trout $6.00 per pound
We have trout in the pond for you to come and catch. Fresh, clean, spring-fed pond.