May Day

for those who come to the farm this time of the year,  might be good idea to love the sounds of tree frogs right out open windows, as is the sound of water on all sides.  if natures ons and offs are of an interruption to sleep earplugs are a must.  cause everywhere in a year of rich water, the land is alive with sound and gusto.   all seeds sprout, even the potatoes so protected from light in the root cellar, they too must reach for the sun.  out piggies (two)  are now big enough to be in the pasture with our two milk cows Babe and May..    the graze as a foursome through the field as if of one unit.  cute, and actually really good to grow.  Daisy, our older cow, now happily lives with Mac and Ethel, our only other milkers on the creek.. their needs are such that Daisy will be good for them and their family as we do not need 3 milk cows for our family farm attitudes.    Babe still is producing over 2 gallons a day, which we share with ourselves, and like minded few, and much goes to the piggies,, making bacon on the hoof…  Ruddy Stew ( he got two names )the baby steer that we are milking Babe from his birth is still in a lower field till he fully forgets about mom’s nipples.. then he will join them up above the farm house.  the garden is much planted with spring greens. still too soon for summer crops up here. although we now have low lever hoop hut technologies to add to the finges of growing time.. we will put those into the mix as we go along for future times and summer shades..  22 varieties of tomatoes are growing along,, as tomatoes are loved by all first to last..   and the sauces we make,, umm.. say no more,, let me go sing to those babies, and see if they will come along a  bit stronger for me.

this is the time of year where all needs a little touch, and i feel small in the mix.. john loves his mix into here and as life moves forward, finds more and more the pace we share here to full fill the deep places.

we have been stirring beautiful art from john brown hand into a calendar, and greeting cards. john is the artist, and any one who knows something about gettting this to a print point, there are many steps in between.  imagination and ability to draw are wonderful gifts john has in him.. computer and worldly side, tis me.. doing my part to suppport to beauty in this man.. just about to move outside this membrane here…  this is very good,, long birth ..

last weekend in May ( 25th -27th),

Sunswept has the honor to share her lands with josh fox and juneberry fest..  I’d like to invite you to the Juneberry Lovefest– a celebratory, open-space gathering for love and healing. Join us on the magical Sunswept farm for a weekend of yoga, qi-gong, plant walks, sing-alongs, school-house games, sunrise hikes up Max Patch, pond-swimming, chanting, and whatever magic you wish to bring! This family-friendly festival will be limited to 50 participants and registration has already opened.  4-5 amazing fresh, local, and wild meals; and camping (limited cabin space is available on first-register-first-serve basis).

More info and registration at:

we are growing more food than we need as usual.  most of what we grow we use, and have margins in case of failures.. then we expect to offer food toward gatherings.  and then there is much more of the rest.  at present neighbors come help through the summer and pick and take what they need from the bounty that is here.  if this idea appeals to you as a way to visit with a goal as well. please come and share in the summer wonder of the mountains that this land is.. 

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