here comes the summer sun

the sound of water abounds, spring creek is our part of the world, and well named we are, cause here water bubbles up everywhere in a wet year.  right now is a wet week part of june’s usual i am glad to say.  the spring rains have moved on to be summer rains, gracing our garden spots with the waters of life.

how does your garden grow

how does your garden grow

growing is like so visible even in the just over night time of one night.  squashes are coming, oh i can see them grow.  our nights are cool, cool enough for really good sleeps, and cool enough to slow summer crops down, and keep spring fare available to us where others have burned up spring favorites.  our broccoli is zooming, and we will eat much of the green stuff this weekend at the yoga retreat and community gathering we are welcoming here.

beautiful air beautiful space to play with your yoga body

this is the second year meghan and mado have chosen to partake in sunswept hospitality and bring their bright light to join us.  yoga instructors extra ordinaire  they are, with kindness and steady instruction, i always find my way to the union of mind body and spirit with the focused leadership of these two  strong gifts of insightful leadership in yoga and more.  i have eaten alison’s cooking and wondered at how much my body has enjoyed her healthy tasty concoctions.  alison loves the woods and what we can eat from the wild.  her love is infectious and brings us goodness in taste form. can’t wait to see what spontaneousness we are in for.    these are special times, with change so greatly a part of the moment.  time is speeding up, and transition and transformation are available and called for.  we will circle together as cells in a body prime, growing into the garden and galaxy, ever more aware we are the conscious ness of star dust reflecting on the light with in and out.  through food music and commonality we join as community of friends and forest combined.  the last of the eclipse sandwich of this month long set of three eclipses starts this weekends gathering.  that and sacred fire to sit around and share each our piece of the current puzzle will we find story and our common root.  stronger with the gift of community we will emerge, growing more united as the song which is our selves gathered.

who nose

we spent our last weekend welcoming the farm tour to our door.  again and again we heard others say as they looked into our farm life, how good it is to come here, and see a work in progress. we demonstrated bio char making and shared the process of doing this with children and parents both. we had the privilege of being photographed and storied up for use in national magazines and personal use in the future.


no one on the farm told anyone visiting of our spirit soul connections with the land.  everyone who came spoke of the obvious ways we connect with this land and the peaceful way so vibrantly felt here.  sanctuary is what each group of arrivals would say,, this is a sanctuary, you can feel your love for your land here.  then each would say thank you for the look into a life nested in the land.  this is the beginning of a 900 year project.. we have just begun, 30 years and counting.

love and permanent culture joining in the garden


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  1. Arch Gregory
    Posted April 30, 2013 at 2:01 pm | Permalink

    Dear John and Raphael,
    I was saddened to hear of Dory’s death.
    Her ambition, energy, enthusiasm, thirst for knowledge, and her desire to share made Dory a perpetual student and teacher.
    I would look forward to our discussions on a wide range of topics – politics, religion, food preparation, art, fruit tree grafting, jewelry techniques, philosophy, organic farming, etc. And I always looked forward to seeing her smile and getting a hug when I would pass her exhibit at the SHCG Fairs.
    Dory – I celebrate your life. Thank you for all your contributions to make this world a better place.

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