Fundraiser Photos

Each album represents a different day. I recommend the slideshow view. You’ll need to run each day’s slideshow separately.

Pig Harvest Day

Thursday, Sept. 16, we slaughtered and cleaned the pig that was roasted overnight Friday-Saturday for the Saturday fundraiser.

Food Prep Day

Friday, Sept. 17, is when the ratatouille was prepped, fruit sauces were made, the pig was stuffed and started cooking, as well as table/chair set-up, flower arranging, etc. etc.

Event Day

Saturday, Sept. 18, was the big day. This is when all the vegetables got roasted, salad & dressings made, tables dressed, final house & property spiffing. And it was all the great volunteers and donors that made it possible!!! The auction was a resounding success with nearly every item sold. The side dishes that local restaurants donated were outrageously good. And all the volunteers were cheery, self-motivated, and totally on-the-ball.


Chuck Blethen, one of the WNC  Terra Madre delegates, shared his photos here.

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    I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it unedrtsandable.

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