first full moon of spring, creative energy is rising

arise to the nature of the universe, participate, roll back the rock


greetings spring time honors us with buckets of spring all at once.

by john brown

we at higher elevations are still at dogwood peak,  with the carolina silver bells adding a myth of snow to the treetops… the moon tonight will be one of the biggest of the year.  what will the early spring give us  farmers to work with.  as i wonder about spring crops and whether i am too late for some, the weather finally cools to seasonal conditions for the next week with frosts in the weather for the next while. the forest is wild with fresh food, ramps and onion grass, waterleaf, and fiddler heads.  our garden is giving kale, spinach, celery and asparagus, carrots and lettuces.  all wintered over with this mild past months.    this year we are !! making salves of the new spring growth of chickweed and comfrey, cleavers,  rose oil, with our beeswax and olive oil.. raphael is learning and doing as the spring unfolds so seems to be interests.  the salves have turned out nice, not oily..  learning as we go.. we have started dandelion tinctures, and burdock root as well..

all the springs are giving water as the rains have been full and regular..  the thunder beings and lightning has brought that special green to all the pastures and the lady forest is putting on her cloths, this all those various greens still new and just starting to color up..  the full moon will keep you from seeing the conjunction of venus and the pleiades this first week of april.. open to the truth and heart of all things.   but this is part of the mayan knowledge of the skies, venus so central to their calendar. this event is noted as timing in 2012.

this weekend we welcome those who in joy cooking, full rock on nature alive and vibrant, and community connections.. with young, old, music and the general circling that comes with cobb oven and baking,, fish catching and smoking.. egg dyeing and hunting,, as some of what this weekend is about.  raise up the energy roll back the rock,,   join in to the celebration of this natural world and the generosity of the mountains…


we will bake on saturday and smoke fish,, sunday egg hunt late morning.. lots of beauty in the woods, come hike, yoga barn is clean (mostly)  yoga always loved here… in joy with us,,

energy rises

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