snow whirled last night and came in to blanket everywhere. plows cleared the roads as the season to hunker down is upon us.  well worth the in joyment of just that hunkering.. this morning the brilliant whiteness of the snow covered close inner shoulder that faces the first breath of morning sun, was so  bright wild white, the light back lit or front lit the rest of the cove still in the east mountain shadow. every moment was moment so unlike the one before as the sun moved into the cove.  the fabulous sparkles that occur as the light throws the rainbos in the still crystalline frozen hexagon snow flake out like  little spot lights appearing in the still shadows of early light.. reflecting the coming brilliance running into this holler.  snow is gonna stay here for a bit.  time to hunker down.. john has made it be we have our winter’s wood.

needs of town are few.

i have so looked forward to time to sew curtains, giving john less to do in the wood department..  it is he who does so many of the routines we here are sustained by.. warmth twice, and love adds the forever part.  farm blog and site pulling in for a bit.. in joy the return of the sun.  the waltz this year was wonderful to see the in joyment all around.  biochar and land knowledge has increased.  recognition of jewelry world is strong.  we have the application in the hands of the state now completed until i might understand otherwise.  real progress in these ways.  being stable and holding these basic routines though the other rolls of life is so unusual these days.. may i wonder at the pleasure of these simple things.

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