creative commons/ year of the dragon

the moon is bright in the late night sky, beaming into my skylights as a street light of the winter silent hours.  all the seed catalogs are here and it is easy to expand the dreams into greens and small plants of spring.  our winter projects include building the soil here at Sunswept.  we are wealthy in many material ways here. not really the kind of wealth you take to deposit into a bank as that magic paper we all chase, but wealth as in fresh wonderful cow’s milk, &  the vibrant universe of manure, cow, chicken and horse!!  we have learned much over the years about what it means to put manure into a garden too hot, too late, and any other way of finding out how to make better and better soil..

who nose

this season, we have more knowledge than ever! before,, thank you John Nilsson, for your consultation last fall.  we now know how to build a truly amazing compost pile system using our manure so close and rich, and adding our own biochar, and proper ionic and magnetic soils to bring all levels of soil value to a supreme addition to our own gardens and fields and more.  so composting we will go, the gravel is here to begin the place where compost will brew with in ground pipes bring air under the manure and rotting hay and produce oxygen rich environment to grow just the right bacteria and organics best for soil and additions.

as weather is allowing we are moving the oldest manure to the poorest soils adding rotting hay and last year’s abundant biochar we have successfully learned much making.  this mixture is on beds destined to be this year’s tomato patch,, with our own bent tube hut built over the 60′ x 12′ wide tomato paradise.   Madison county grows, ( in my opinion ) the Best tomato umm.  trouble is blight from tobacco mosaic.  gets my tomatoes more often than not if a wet summer. so covering is my answer amongst other care like soaker hoses, not water on leaves, etc.. so far,, so good on that..  by building proper soil with proper mycrobes, i can beat the blight ,, so this year i am making my plan and it begins now.

feet in it all

the sun’s return is very noticeable now.. the chickens are laying more eggs.  the grass has a glow of green i can imagine spring green to build upon.  the snows come and melt into the soil, full of the nitrogen that snow adds to the wet.  it will snow some more tonight..  last wednesday those all over Asheville talked of a brilliant double rainbow,

thunderbeings become light

to the ground, with more that the usual colors in both rain bows, actually mirroring each other,  how can that be.. for them is was the bow, here were the thunder beings, winds and whirl and the light moved through to the west.  rain/snow/hale/sleet and rush of thunders moved the house to tremble, and protect.  seemed the energy started here and vibrated radiance from these hills and earth print.  they say thunder in january big snow in two weeks.. i am counting,, umm,, January 25th then  let us see about mountain speak.  we come together now to build up our store of firewood,  plenty up hill on the mountain, good dry locust like you can’t buy,  still even with equipment and the know how Raphael and John have, it is really UP hill with 150′ of 1/2″ cable to hook to a locust log is work for sure.  our house is warmed by the wood and the work of those who live here.  even with the roll of the waves of being ourselves, the routines kept bring us to our knowledge of our full connection and loyalty to our place in the universe. for now it is here.  live the moments that you have to live.

we are a creative commons, welcoming the playful engagement in meaningful play.  intelligence is at the edges of a system.. reaching as lock to key of the moment ever unfolding we will go..  light through the cracks in the universe creative are we pot and potter


i’d rather be a Could-Be if i cannot be an Are:
because a Could-Be is a May-Be who is reaching for a star.
i’d rather be a Haz-Been than a Might-Have-Been by far,
for a Might-Have-Been has never been, but a Haz was once an Are

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