Community loves back the farm

Daisy in her Healing mediation

Friday, Saturday & Sunday September 4th. Dory and I have had our in town (friday) Yoga with Joe Taft (yowser) and stopped in to” Chai Pani” for Indian lunch with Leigh of Mountain Express, chatting with one of the owners and inviting them to the Terra Madre Slow Food event that is being held on the 18th at Sunswept. Dory and I managed to find some assorted plants to replace the weeds that we would be pulling on Saturday. Friday nite Mary Ellen of (Artist way group) and friend Eli arrive to enjoy the evening with us.

Saturday begins early with Eli and Mary Ellen assisting Dory tossing the rest of the hay bales into under the slab away from weather. As morning unfolds Dory is on the Tractor Bush-hogging all the fields on Ananda and above the house an all day event for her you Go Girl!!   Leigh and (mom in law) Sam/Claudia join in the clean up along with Vanessa cleaning, weeding and replanting the front garden spiral and grotto area.  Vincente and Andre were in the fields weed eating away while John continues to paint his incredible offering to the Sun and Moon on the concrete slab.   Dory and Mike of Mike Whitney with boyz (Leeland and Hardy) attended to the continuing education and creati0n of Bio-char.  Mike was also replacing the Apple cider press parts with some cherry wood as well as fixing some water issues and sharpening tools to cut up that healthy comfrey!   I was scrambling along with others cleaning up the grotto and front garden spiral.  There was barn cleanup, horse petting, dog petting and while this was moving forward there was a big PORK roast slow cookin its way with a peach/tomatoe/onion/pepper/balsamic marinade to feed the team later on.  I had big hopes to press  cider on Sat nite but we were all too bushed, everything was set up and in place for Sunday tho and the Hot tub was calling my name along with the best Best Mojitos I have ever had sans Vanessa (she has become my personal fav for mix mistress) !!!!! Yeah mojitos with dinner which everyone helped cook. Vanessa also whipped up a white farm peach cobbler and Camille came just in time with coffee ice cream.   Leigh and Sam slept over, I think the mojitos and warm bath water were calling to them more than the drive home so we had a farm full of inhabitants.

Sunday am Dory has whipped up one her Amazing cornbreads yet again along with some yum eggies and hot chocolate for the boyz.  As morning unrolls dory has found that Daisy has a bad right lower leg she is  hobbling up at the barn so she is left free to wander a bit out of the fencing to see how she will progress.   Smart Cow that she is winds her way down into a shade and finds rest and healing where of all places but at the site of the Tibetan prayers and Homa.  She spends most of the day relaxing here getting up now and then to eat grass and water finding the view and shade to her liking.   The group is about now Leeland, Hardy, Sam, John, Mike, Vanessa &  me are in gathering of the apples mode.  Vanessa had gotten down most of the pears that were left we scoured the garden trees and then made our way down to the low field and filled up the front end loader…up we go washing and loading for the first press of the season, pear-apple yum……..Good job everyone we drank a few gallons and put up 16 1/2 the lower trees have that again on the branch, another days press.  Sam says her good byes and we are winding down another day Vanessa has found whats left of the rum and made us some Pina coladas thanks girlfriend.  A visit from friend Randall Lenear who brings his good vibes to our space and David Kendall appears at dusk with a load of apples and some friends who get to use the press and watch the sun go down another day full of community and cooperation I am a lucky human.

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