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season’s reseeding

Our swedish relatives are in town, or right now, in the states, in joying the sun from a lower latitude than their homeland provides.  for as low as the sun rides this time of the year,  those long shadows harbor the contrasts along the side of the warm sun rays of our mountain sky. i […]
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gather round

i have warm vest and long sleeves on today, and my radio says 88 degrees on friday.. still not time for corn or basil to endure this elevation and persistent afternoon showers.    we are moved indoors with the precip,  not such a bad thing, as this farm has internal landscape for craft and creativity.. […]
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May Day

for those who come to the farm this time of the year,  might be good idea to love the sounds of tree frogs right out open windows, as is the sound of water on all sides.  if natures ons and offs are of an interruption to sleep earplugs are a must.  cause everywhere in a […]
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first full moon of spring, creative energy is rising

  greetings spring time honors us with buckets of spring all at once. we at higher elevations are still at dogwood peak,  with the carolina silver bells adding a myth of snow to the treetops… the moon tonight will be one of the biggest of the year.  what will the early spring give us  farmers […]
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creative commons/ year of the dragon

the moon is bright in the late night sky, beaming into my skylights as a street light of the winter silent hours.  all the seed catalogs are here and it is easy to expand the dreams into greens and small plants of spring.  our winter projects include building the soil here at Sunswept.  we are […]
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between eclipses

snow whirled last night and came in to blanket everywhere. plows cleared the roads as the season to hunker down is upon us.  well worth the in joyment of just that hunkering.. this morning the brilliant whiteness of the snow covered close inner shoulder that faces the first breath of morning sun, was so  bright […]
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today we adventure further into biochar and soil wellness. at the wonderful waltz in late august we met many new folks who made there way to sunswept farm.. that night was magical, full of star light streaming down into our mountain cove and mixing with the fiddle and guitar and lifted us all to a […]
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rain & sun

it’s nice to have the alternating rain and sun, ever more growth still advancing the summer.  wet years, like this one for us, have different ways to them than dry years,  different water management. in a wet year we manage gutters and trenches, mold and forever weeds silt and all forms of run off. we […]
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here comes the summer sun

the sound of water abounds, spring creek is our part of the world, and well named we are, cause here water bubbles up everywhere in a wet year.  right now is a wet week part of june’s usual i am glad to say.  the spring rains have moved on to be summer rains, gracing our […]
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Raindrops are falling on my head

The full moon arrived two early mornings ago and brought with her much action. We welcomed a new baby cow into the world yesterday morning.  Our Jersey cow, Daisy, had a girl.  Wide-eyed and full of wonder, the new babe is waiting to be named. Pictures of her are coming soon.  Right now she  is […]
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