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variety please…

I know we need the rain … it’s been terribly dry for months and months. Though, a little variety on both ends of that spectrum would be preferable to the all-or-nothing philosophy that the rain gods have been practicing this year. Might I request, mother nature, that you sprinkle some sunshine into the wet weeks […]
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Fundraiser Success!!

Smiles, to me, are what make an event a success. And guests of the Slow Food Asheville fundraiser held at our farm last Saturday were all smiles. The event was also a success in raising funds for airfare to get our WNC delegates to Italy next month for the international “Terra Madre” Slow Food conference. […]
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Fundraiser Photos

Each album represents a different day. I recommend the slideshow view. You’ll need to run each day’s slideshow separately. Home » "Mountain Fire" Slow Food Fundraiser » Pig Harvest Day Pig Harvest Day Thursday, Sept. 16, we slaughtered and cleaned the pig that was roasted overnight Friday-Saturday for the Saturday fundraiser. Slideshow View 22 photos […]
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Pig Harvest

Last night, John came back from feeding the pigs some premo slop (I had cleaned out expired canned goods from the pantry earlier in the day), and he announced that one should not pour the slop in such a way that it lands on a pig’s head …. not unless you are prepared to wear […]
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Community loves back the farm

Friday, Saturday & Sunday September 4th. Dory and I have had our in town (friday) Yoga with Joe Taft (yowser) and stopped in to” Chai Pani” for Indian lunch with Leigh of Mountain Express, chatting with one of the owners and inviting them to the Terra Madre Slow Food event that is being held on […]
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New Calf

Before leaving to get hay just before one o’clock, Dory noticed our very pregnant cow, Daisy-Lou, was acting restless and was maybe ready to drop her calf. She and John proceeded onto their hay run and I went to pick asparagus in the upper garden. There’s another asparagus patch near the cow field, and on […]
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The plants are growing like crazy out on the farm … beautiful Swiss Chard, delish Rhubarb, tender sweet lettuce, and on and on. Green and beautiful and lush everywhere. Prepared some space for sunflowers on Thursday and planted various flowers above the new wall, next to the spiral, on Friday along with a bit o’ […]
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Research and stuff…

Wow, there are some pretty neat places to camp or hold a retreat in the Madison County area. Spent a couple hours online researching what going rates and amenities are. Good news is there isn’t a place in our neck of the woods offering what we do/will offer; though not having a comparison-point in the […]
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Blog Fix

I spent some time on our webhost’s live chat tech support trying to find out why the links on the blog have stopped working. Also, you may have noticed that the blog wouldn’t come up at all the last couple of days, though obviously, it’s back now, even though we hadn’t changed anything prior nor […]
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Afternoon Twirling

Spent the afternoon & evening on the farm Tuesday. Things are really a-happening! Stonework is going in all around the structure that will comprise the cider-cellar with an event pavilion above, a variety of landscaping all over, visits from community partners for planning of upcoming projects, and much more that will get detailed in upcoming […]
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