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gather round

i have warm vest and long sleeves on today, and my radio says 88 degrees on friday.. still not time for corn or basil to endure this elevation and persistent afternoon showers.    we are moved indoors with the precip,  not such a bad thing, as this farm has internal landscape for craft and creativity.. […]
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rain & sun

it’s nice to have the alternating rain and sun, ever more growth still advancing the summer.  wet years, like this one for us, have different ways to them than dry years,  different water management. in a wet year we manage gutters and trenches, mold and forever weeds silt and all forms of run off. we […]
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here comes the summer sun

the sound of water abounds, spring creek is our part of the world, and well named we are, cause here water bubbles up everywhere in a wet year.  right now is a wet week part of june’s usual i am glad to say.  the spring rains have moved on to be summer rains, gracing our […]
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yoga pics

Daniel has shared his photos of  Mado and Meghan’s Fullness Retreat here on the farm.  Fun Food Friends, good yoga. greetings remember? yoga early in the morning while the sun crested the ridge and began the day singing saturday night, chanting, dancing, and food from the gardens prepared by many hands helping emma in the […]
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retreat afterglow

as the after glow of the Radiant Fullness Retreat drifts through sunswept farm,, this beautiful moon rose over the ridge and poured the soft light of reflection down on us here, making an amazing picture of soft light on the tent that held the energy of the 28 who showed up here for asana, meditation, […]
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tented and ready

the tent guys were late getting here missing the turn to follow route 209 from interstate 40.  all the way to max patch they went before turning around and asking around for how to find us. nice guys, full of energy and gusto.  moved the tent around a couple of times to get it set […]
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solar showers ahoy

we are getting some of the final touches on our farm and facilities.  a solar shower is being made ready for the farm site, especially timed for the yoga retreat mado and meghan are bringing here this weekend.  we are weed eating in all manner to make the place shine and glow.  no one can […]
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Open Heart Open House

Since picture tell more than words (and also because I’m pressed for time), below are some photos and even a short video from the Solstice retreat June 17-21. Sandra & Tom Curly stalks Dory David manning the sinks Marnie demonstrates Geometry of Nature Taking in the view from Max Patch View East from Max Patch […]
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