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creative commons/ year of the dragon

the moon is bright in the late night sky, beaming into my skylights as a street light of the winter silent hours.  all the seed catalogs are here and it is easy to expand the dreams into greens and small plants of spring.  our winter projects include building the soil here at Sunswept.  we are […]
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Raindrops are falling on my head

The full moon arrived two early mornings ago and brought with her much action. We welcomed a new baby cow into the world yesterday morning.  Our Jersey cow, Daisy, had a girl.  Wide-eyed and full of wonder, the new babe is waiting to be named. Pictures of her are coming soon.  Right now she  is […]
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variety please…

I know we need the rain … it’s been terribly dry for months and months. Though, a little variety on both ends of that spectrum would be preferable to the all-or-nothing philosophy that the rain gods have been practicing this year. Might I request, mother nature, that you sprinkle some sunshine into the wet weeks […]
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adventure with udder

Since the wonderful slowfood event, I am here at the sunweptfarm to volunteer when Dory and John are in Egypt, to take care about the farm. Of course with helpers! Yesterday, the first time I milked the cow Daisy, wow–what an adventure! It works nice and Daisy was friendly with me, I only have to […]
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Community loves back the farm

Friday, Saturday & Sunday September 4th. Dory and I have had our in town (friday) Yoga with Joe Taft (yowser) and stopped in to” Chai Pani” for Indian lunch with Leigh of Mountain Express, chatting with one of the owners and inviting them to the Terra Madre Slow Food event that is being held on […]
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New Calf

Before leaving to get hay just before one o’clock, Dory noticed our very pregnant cow, Daisy-Lou, was acting restless and was maybe ready to drop her calf. She and John proceeded onto their hay run and I went to pick asparagus in the upper garden. There’s another asparagus patch near the cow field, and on […]
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Sad news

A few days ago, Dory’s milk cow, Sophie, died in the night. Dory says Sophie’d been off her game for a bit, probably just age, but wasn’t ill. The problem came in that cows apparently can’t right themselves if they are completely on their backs and that position isn’t one in which they can remain […]
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Wisdom Keepers

While the rains graced the farm through the weekend of the wisdom keepers gathering, the seasons changed from summer to autumn in a turn of the head.  The leaves are dropping their green now, and showing the colors and minerals that lie just beneath the summer’s dress.  What a topped up month September has been […]
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