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Fruit around the corner

There is so much fruit ripening everywhere. Pears and TONS of blueberries were what I noticed walking around today. There are probably cherries about ripe too, though i wasn’t over on that end of the farm to take a peek today. I planted nasturtiums, sunflowers, calendula, and mixed wildflowers. I hope the chickens don’t eat […]
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Family Farm Tour…

We hope you’ve got the ASAP Family Farm Tour penciled in on your calendars, your tour-passes purchased, and a tour path mapped out so that you can take in several of the fabulous farms on this year’s tour!! This is Sunswept’s first year on the tour and we’re really looking forward to participating!! We’ve got […]
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Solstice Retreat…

All’s a-bustle on the farm these days, getting ready for our June events. We’ve hammered out a few more of the details and are already getting pretty excited about what’s to come. For the Open Heart Open House, we’re thinking that we’ll aim to have pot-luck feasting begin around 5pm on Thursday the 17th while […]
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Sights, sounds, aroma …

the evening breezes carry the symphony of frog harmony across the stone into the house along with the multiflora roses’ sultry head-filling aroma.  the fireflies have started their evening dance of light back a forth amongst the trees, and meadow, each with their own unique blink pattern.  makes it a pleasure to be outside late […]
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Around the farm

Here are some pictures I took around the farm last week… -Vanessa
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Sacred Geometry Field Trip

We were honored to have a visit today from students from Stone Mountain School. I had been told that this was a boarding school for troubled middle and high school boys. But if I hadn’t heard that spiel ahead of time, I would have sworn I was meeting seeing a group of boys from a […]
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New Calf

Before leaving to get hay just before one o’clock, Dory noticed our very pregnant cow, Daisy-Lou, was acting restless and was maybe ready to drop her calf. She and John proceeded onto their hay run and I went to pick asparagus in the upper garden. There’s another asparagus patch near the cow field, and on […]
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The gift of biochar…

what do you ask for for mother’s day..?  me,  i wanted to make..,, biochar !!  and then along came some helpers.  we spent a beautiful day in the mountains sunday collecting all the kinds of wood usually not used in a wood stove, or camp fire, adding all our finds up to put into our […]
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The plants are growing like crazy out on the farm … beautiful Swiss Chard, delish Rhubarb, tender sweet lettuce, and on and on. Green and beautiful and lush everywhere. Prepared some space for sunflowers on Thursday and planted various flowers above the new wall, next to the spiral, on Friday along with a bit o’ […]
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Research and stuff…

Wow, there are some pretty neat places to camp or hold a retreat in the Madison County area. Spent a couple hours online researching what going rates and amenities are. Good news is there isn’t a place in our neck of the woods offering what we do/will offer; though not having a comparison-point in the […]
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