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spring visit

hi as we all know i take my farm love very seriously, enough that my last visit was in January, yes i could have gone somewhere warm but its warm in my heart whenever i step to the farm beat of sunswept and my family of humans, animals, plants and our devic watchers. In January […]
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Mohr family visit week of April 11-18

Spring time on the farm, everything is waking up from its long nap of winter.  I was expecting things to still be slumbering more than they were.  We arrived on Sunday evening after our drive down from PA, with the daffodils greeting us in every direction and all the other perenials peeking up through the […]
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Afternoon Twirling

Spent the afternoon & evening on the farm Tuesday. Things are really a-happening! Stonework is going in all around the structure that will comprise the cider-cellar with an event pavilion above, a variety of landscaping all over, visits from community partners for planning of upcoming projects, and much more that will get detailed in upcoming […]
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