season’s reseeding 

Our swedish relatives are in town, or right now, in the states, in joying the sun from a lower latitude than their homeland provides.  for as low as the sun rides this time of the year,  those long shadows harbor the contrasts along the side of the warm sun rays of our mountain sky.

let your little light shine

i love this time of the year, when the sun’s circle so clearly radiates on every forest branch around that moments location of the winter sun.


you can see deep into the forest.  the leaves no longer rattle when you move over them.. now they are damp and quiet. now you can walk in the woods and remain as invisible as you might like to find out you can be, part of the woods, as blended as the deer.

the seeds have matured from this years growing, and with the hand of the cold north wind release many of these seeds down to the earth, covered with the scatter of leaves blown, and the frost’s upheaval through the night. the growing time is now resting in these seeds, the next generation of growing.  one plant makes of itself all it needs, to live and thrive through its time, and, abound with so many seeds!!  enough to grow self again and again in the following year, and also enough to feed the bird, and mouse enough to give to those too who will now live too through the winter’s long nights.

to live on a farm is to touch daily these simple truths every day.  today i picked lettuces, arugula, and spinach from the seeds of last years plants, planted in late summer to give us fresh greens now.  and as i pick to eat, i stir the earth again to prepare for seeds again as the forever circle is near on a farm..

raphael shot 2 deer this year, and we eat well from the land in this way too.  the clean drop of the doe gave us delicious meat, and a skin to tan for clothing, a vest to mark the day as deeply gifted with the life of a deer, for our family for winter wellness.    we make bone soup, cooked for several days, so the marrow will release into the stock and feed our bones made from the land.

we have met many in circle and gathering here on the farm and this area this year’s season.  as was the way of the turkey clan, who hold this area sacred, it is a summer place to celebrate connection with land and water, sky and the connections with the heart of community.  we had weekend long celebrations with one another, and the peaceful connection with the warm earth and our farm community here made up of cows, horses, chickens, pigs and us two leggeds who steward food and water needs as they need be.  something happens for folks who come from an unnested life when they come here, and find the food we will eat right outside the door,  whether as milking the cow, collecting the eggs, or working and picking greens from the garden, there is something beyond grounding that occurs, as words of wisdom are spoken by our retreat leaders, the visible starscape, and land connection works its way up through the soils to the heart of those who come here.  i know i see the softening as these weekends progress.  we love seeing the smiles broaden and community connections growing more solid and are carried away from here to live on in the minds and hearts of those who have shared a love moment here sometime through the season of the sun..  already we have dates marked to return plans of gathering circles bent on sharing and learning.  this next year i have got to get in on the spontaneous song writing and proforming workshop, too much fun.

as asheville continues to unfold as a nature centered city, we will have the first wild food tail gate market starting this spring 2013.  in 2012 we got out in the woods and picked reshi mushrooms, chicken of the wood, morrells, hen of the wood, chanterelle, to name most of what we found.  some were sold to local restaurants, as we continue to educate the market to these delicious delights.  here in the mountains, we can literally eat well from the woods and pastures before ever planting a garden. true freedom comes with these facts, and adds great nutrition to what does come from the garden and the store.  seems people who move through this sunswept farm place find how much fun all this can be.  i hope at least some of this rubs off.

we have built, this year, a seed of sorts in our metal working studio.  this year we have build a system of making a pulley pendant that will allow us to move efficiently into the market place near and far.  raphael has joined into the making place in our metal shop and helped perfect this little system which will allow us to make this piece as a production item allowing more folks to come to the farm and participate in this young cottage industry we are growing here.  talk with some is already underway..  but for now,  it is sleep moment here on the farm.. the metal working is put to bed, the cow is dry, the chickens have molted and will eventually lay eggs again..  all is with the long night.  as i am too..  we are all but a cycle of life in the ever reseeding that occurs..  if we have made seeds that feed the future with a little nutritional wisdom, we have done our part.  if we hold with old ways worth continuing to keep as they allow us to find the holy in nature, this too is a good thing, for these are the seeds of the wellness we can plant for ourselves and our children to grow strong on.. let it be so.  happy new year,, we move from 12/12/12  a symbol of completion, to 13, a prime number feminine and whole again born unto itself…  as part of this reseeding, let’s get it on ………. here we come

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gather round

i have warm vest and long sleeves on today, and my radio says 88 degrees on friday.. still not time for corn or basil to endure this elevation and persistent afternoon showers.    we are moved indoors with the precip,  not such a bad thing, as this farm has internal landscape for craft and creativity..  etching with electricity has become the rabbit hole for me,, creating a new spinner (moving, twirling little lovely)  where images spin together to become one.  something of a theme with my metal smith self game place i love to explore.  My metalsmith hat competes with my farmer hat,, long time this way, still so..   rain gives me the justification for in door world..

john's art from a winter and rainy dayz......

john’s art from a winter and rainy dayz……

the galactic perspective has long been the best place for john and i to muse for many a decade, and as archeo astronomy and our prehistory has long been a wonderful place for us to go and explore in thought, academic research and travel.  it is one of the vibrant places john and i share as we walk the farmer path, and maker’s way..

the alignments of astronomical events through this spring, are those which many calendrical systems from the time before writing as we know it, have very precisely successfully informed us that THEY knew this current astronomy was to occur now.. whether you have an opinion as to what they were telling us,, please add yours to the many,, still the truth is,, they did know of these astronomical times, and built great structures to assure we would notice down the time line, no matter what..  that!! by itself is spectacular.. and is enough for me to rethink my place in time and space…  maybe we are just waking up as to who we are in the bigger picture of things.. at least that is my hope and where i choose to support with my heart and daily agenda.. for my self for starters..

you might say there is a song going on in the heavens,, with more than one note to the phrase.

in april venus joins alceyone, center star of the pleiades,, could happen every year about then, but rare to be right on,, very rare.. some say, this is the stars as feathers of quezecoatl.

just past, our ring of fire solar eclipse, which was visible from around the ring of fire of the pacific, also eclipses of the pleiades.  ancients built their buildings to honor the return the some stars to the morning sky after the sun moves enough for us to see them again rising ahead of our star..

just before our summer solstice, the pleiades will return to our sky, as a morning constellation.. the sisters bring the seeds from the heart of the galaxy where they sit at the exact spot our solar system meets our galaxy’s ecliptic..   all over the world this is very special time, and if planets rise with the sisters, take note, these will be “interesting” times.

this year, after venus has joined the pleiades, a solar eclipse has also joined the same stars, followed by lunar eclipse and venus (our giver of time for mayans and many other long agos time metranome, and ! at sky’s return arises with venus and jupiter closely embraced.  astronomy that acted as base of this chapter of mayan calendar 5125 years ago included an eclipse and venus rising with pleiades.. this time add jupiter to the alignments for gusto..   might we re member we are a feminine species that comes from a nurturing place, and knows of connection all way round!

we are tree frog bird sky self


As we know our thoughts create our realities, as water accepts our thoughts and responds, so does everything.  the sound of the gentle rains nourish our mountain forest and creeks known to the cherokee as the long human being.. cleansing and enjoying the cycle of waters through the nature of green earth and sky.  the broccolis love it!!  lettuces too.  might even get some fava beans this year!!

gardens are full of spring fare.. still cool at night for true summers. like basil and 3 sisters,

A teaching from the Ancients tells us that it is the women who create and hold the space that healing happens within. Just as we carry a physical womb, women can weave an external energetic womb and maintain it for entire communities. this land here called sunswept is an energetic embrace of the energy Eiwah, earth mother of this land, so greatly fought for and protected here in the smokeys.  may she live long and prosper with our selves open to hear where we are from the resonance with the subtle energies..

In fact, holding space is what we do..and is what we do whether we are conscious of it or not. If we are not aware of this then the space we create can be warped, weak or “leakyâ€. The more aware of this process we become the more we can not only weave a strong web but continue to keep positive energy flowing into it.

daisy now among a herb with our neighbor's herd, happy for life, we love you

This process does not cost us or feel hard. In fact it is just the opposite. We enjoy all the benefits as well and giving gratitude as response is a wonderful thing to feel. It can improve our health in every aspect to be connected to the larger picture..

Many  have awakened to the fact that life is much more than what we experience with our five senses. We are also aware of the shifts and changes happening all around over the face of the entire planet.

new etching technique to make small spinners that move, and make art

Now is a good time to step into a brighter awareness. It is a good time to shed the illusions that we are separate from each other and that we are anything less than one great human family. It is time to include the stones, the animals and the plants in our family and make Earth the home she was meant to be by caring for her in the ways she is meant to be cared for.  With this energetic anticipation, we welcome the Juneberry Lovefest this weekend,,  the venus eclipse of the sun and the great awakening connections we all share through vast time and all space.. We begin by caring for ourselves, then our families and communities and it spreads as we heal the world.



dance to the  vibrations of spring wet and warm..

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May Day

for those who come to the farm this time of the year,  might be good idea to love the sounds of tree frogs right out open windows, as is the sound of water on all sides.  if natures ons and offs are of an interruption to sleep earplugs are a must.  cause everywhere in a year of rich water, the land is alive with sound and gusto.   all seeds sprout, even the potatoes so protected from light in the root cellar, they too must reach for the sun.  out piggies (two)  are now big enough to be in the pasture with our two milk cows Babe and May..    the graze as a foursome through the field as if of one unit.  cute, and actually really good to grow.  Daisy, our older cow, now happily lives with Mac and Ethel, our only other milkers on the creek.. their needs are such that Daisy will be good for them and their family as we do not need 3 milk cows for our family farm attitudes.    Babe still is producing over 2 gallons a day, which we share with ourselves, and like minded few, and much goes to the piggies,, making bacon on the hoof…  Ruddy Stew ( he got two names )the baby steer that we are milking Babe from his birth is still in a lower field till he fully forgets about mom’s nipples.. then he will join them up above the farm house.  the garden is much planted with spring greens. still too soon for summer crops up here. although we now have low lever hoop hut technologies to add to the finges of growing time.. we will put those into the mix as we go along for future times and summer shades..  22 varieties of tomatoes are growing along,, as tomatoes are loved by all first to last..   and the sauces we make,, umm.. say no more,, let me go sing to those babies, and see if they will come along a  bit stronger for me.

this is the time of year where all needs a little touch, and i feel small in the mix.. john loves his mix into here and as life moves forward, finds more and more the pace we share here to full fill the deep places.

we have been stirring beautiful art from john brown hand into a calendar, and greeting cards. john is the artist, and any one who knows something about gettting this to a print point, there are many steps in between.  imagination and ability to draw are wonderful gifts john has in him.. computer and worldly side, tis me.. doing my part to suppport to beauty in this man.. just about to move outside this membrane here…  this is very good,, long birth ..

last weekend in May ( 25th -27th),

Sunswept has the honor to share her lands with josh fox and juneberry fest..  I’d like to invite you to the Juneberry Lovefest– a celebratory, open-space gathering for love and healing. Join us on the magical Sunswept farm for a weekend of yoga, qi-gong, plant walks, sing-alongs, school-house games, sunrise hikes up Max Patch, pond-swimming, chanting, and whatever magic you wish to bring! This family-friendly festival will be limited to 50 participants and registration has already opened.  4-5 amazing fresh, local, and wild meals; and camping (limited cabin space is available on first-register-first-serve basis).

More info and registration at:

we are growing more food than we need as usual.  most of what we grow we use, and have margins in case of failures.. then we expect to offer food toward gatherings.  and then there is much more of the rest.  at present neighbors come help through the summer and pick and take what they need from the bounty that is here.  if this idea appeals to you as a way to visit with a goal as well. please come and share in the summer wonder of the mountains that this land is.. 

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first full moon of spring, creative energy is rising


arise to the nature of the universe, participate, roll back the rock


greetings spring time honors us with buckets of spring all at once.

by john brown

we at higher elevations are still at dogwood peak,  with the carolina silver bells adding a myth of snow to the treetops… the moon tonight will be one of the biggest of the year.  what will the early spring give us  farmers to work with.  as i wonder about spring crops and whether i am too late for some, the weather finally cools to seasonal conditions for the next week with frosts in the weather for the next while. the forest is wild with fresh food, ramps and onion grass, waterleaf, and fiddler heads.  our garden is giving kale, spinach, celery and asparagus, carrots and lettuces.  all wintered over with this mild past months.    this year we are !! making salves of the new spring growth of chickweed and comfrey, cleavers,  rose oil, with our beeswax and olive oil.. raphael is learning and doing as the spring unfolds so seems to be interests.  the salves have turned out nice, not oily..  learning as we go.. we have started dandelion tinctures, and burdock root as well..

all the springs are giving water as the rains have been full and regular..  the thunder beings and lightning has brought that special green to all the pastures and the lady forest is putting on her cloths, this all those various greens still new and just starting to color up..  the full moon will keep you from seeing the conjunction of venus and the pleiades this first week of april.. open to the truth and heart of all things.   but this is part of the mayan knowledge of the skies, venus so central to their calendar. this event is noted as timing in 2012.

this weekend we welcome those who in joy cooking, full rock on nature alive and vibrant, and community connections.. with young, old, music and the general circling that comes with cobb oven and baking,, fish catching and smoking.. egg dyeing and hunting,, as some of what this weekend is about.  raise up the energy roll back the rock,,   join in to the celebration of this natural world and the generosity of the mountains…



we will bake on saturday and smoke fish,, sunday egg hunt late morning.. lots of beauty in the woods, come hike, yoga barn is clean (mostly)  yoga always loved here… in joy with us,,


energy rises

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creative commons/ year of the dragon

the moon is bright in the late night sky, beaming into my skylights as a street light of the winter silent hours.  all the seed catalogs are here and it is easy to expand the dreams into greens and small plants of spring.  our winter projects include building the soil here at Sunswept.  we are wealthy in many material ways here. not really the kind of wealth you take to deposit into a bank as that magic paper we all chase, but wealth as in fresh wonderful cow’s milk, &  the vibrant universe of manure, cow, chicken and horse!!  we have learned much over the years about what it means to put manure into a garden too hot, too late, and any other way of finding out how to make better and better soil..

who nose

this season, we have more knowledge than ever! before,, thank you John Nilsson, for your consultation last fall.  we now know how to build a truly amazing compost pile system using our manure so close and rich, and adding our own biochar, and proper ionic and magnetic soils to bring all levels of soil value to a supreme addition to our own gardens and fields and more.  so composting we will go, the gravel is here to begin the place where compost will brew with in ground pipes bring air under the manure and rotting hay and produce oxygen rich environment to grow just the right bacteria and organics best for soil and additions.

as weather is allowing we are moving the oldest manure to the poorest soils adding rotting hay and last year’s abundant biochar we have successfully learned much making.  this mixture is on beds destined to be this year’s tomato patch,, with our own bent tube hut built over the 60′ x 12′ wide tomato paradise.   Madison county grows, ( in my opinion ) the Best tomato umm.  trouble is blight from tobacco mosaic.  gets my tomatoes more often than not if a wet summer. so covering is my answer amongst other care like soaker hoses, not water on leaves, etc.. so far,, so good on that..  by building proper soil with proper mycrobes, i can beat the blight ,, so this year i am making my plan and it begins now.

feet in it all

the sun’s return is very noticeable now.. the chickens are laying more eggs.  the grass has a glow of green i can imagine spring green to build upon.  the snows come and melt into the soil, full of the nitrogen that snow adds to the wet.  it will snow some more tonight..  last wednesday those all over Asheville talked of a brilliant double rainbow,

thunderbeings become light

to the ground, with more that the usual colors in both rain bows, actually mirroring each other,  how can that be.. for them is was the bow, here were the thunder beings, winds and whirl and the light moved through to the west.  rain/snow/hale/sleet and rush of thunders moved the house to tremble, and protect.  seemed the energy started here and vibrated radiance from these hills and earth print.  they say thunder in january big snow in two weeks.. i am counting,, umm,, January 25th then  let us see about mountain speak.  we come together now to build up our store of firewood,  plenty up hill on the mountain, good dry locust like you can’t buy,  still even with equipment and the know how Raphael and John have, it is really UP hill with 150′ of 1/2″ cable to hook to a locust log is work for sure.  our house is warmed by the wood and the work of those who live here.  even with the roll of the waves of being ourselves, the routines kept bring us to our knowledge of our full connection and loyalty to our place in the universe. for now it is here.  live the moments that you have to live.

we are a creative commons, welcoming the playful engagement in meaningful play.  intelligence is at the edges of a system.. reaching as lock to key of the moment ever unfolding we will go..  light through the cracks in the universe creative are we pot and potter


i’d rather be a Could-Be if i cannot be an Are:
because a Could-Be is a May-Be who is reaching for a star.
i’d rather be a Haz-Been than a Might-Have-Been by far,
for a Might-Have-Been has never been, but a Haz was once an Are

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snow whirled last night and came in to blanket everywhere. plows cleared the roads as the season to hunker down is upon us.  well worth the in joyment of just that hunkering.. this morning the brilliant whiteness of the snow covered close inner shoulder that faces the first breath of morning sun, was so  bright wild white, the light back lit or front lit the rest of the cove still in the east mountain shadow. every moment was moment so unlike the one before as the sun moved into the cove.  the fabulous sparkles that occur as the light throws the rainbos in the still crystalline frozen hexagon snow flake out like  little spot lights appearing in the still shadows of early light.. reflecting the coming brilliance running into this holler.  snow is gonna stay here for a bit.  time to hunker down.. john has made it be we have our winter’s wood.

needs of town are few.

i have so looked forward to time to sew curtains, giving john less to do in the wood department..  it is he who does so many of the routines we here are sustained by.. warmth twice, and love adds the forever part.  farm blog and site pulling in for a bit.. in joy the return of the sun.  the waltz this year was wonderful to see the in joyment all around.  biochar and land knowledge has increased.  recognition of jewelry world is strong.  we have the application in the hands of the state now completed until i might understand otherwise.  real progress in these ways.  being stable and holding these basic routines though the other rolls of life is so unusual these days.. may i wonder at the pleasure of these simple things.

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between eclipses

snow whirled last night and came in to blanket everywhere. plows cleared the roads as the season to hunker down is upon us.  well worth the in joyment of just that hunkering.. this morning the brilliant whiteness of the snow covered close inner shoulder that faces the first breath of morning sun, was so  bright wild white, the light back lit or front lit the rest of the cove still in the east mountain shadow. every moment was moment so unlike the one before as the sun moved into the cove.  the fabulous sparkles that occur as the light throws the rainbos in the still crystalline frozen hexagon snow flake out like  little spot lights appearing in the still shadows of early light.. reflecting the coming brilliance running into this holler.  snow is gonna stay here for a bit.  time to hunker down.. john has made it be we have our winter’s wood.

needs of town are few.

i have so looked forward to time to sew curtains, giving john less to do in the wood department..  it is he who does so many of the routines we here are sustained by.. warmth twice, and love adds the forever part.  farm blog and site pulling in for a bit.. in joy the return of the sun.  the waltz this year was wonderful to see the in joyment all around.  biochar and land knowledge has increased.  recognition of jewelry world is strong.  we have the application in the hands of the state now completed until i might understand otherwise.  real progress in these ways.  being stable and holding these basic routines though the other rolls of life is so unusual these days.. may i wonder at the pleasure of these simple things.

clear and still

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today we adventure further into biochar and soil wellness.

love and permanent culture joining in the garden

at the wonderful waltz in late august we met many new folks who made there way to sunswept farm.. that night was magical, full of star light streaming down into our mountain cove and mixing with the fiddle and guitar and lifted us all to a melodious community moment. children dancing with elder children along with seasoned waltz steppers, and those looking to in joy the romance of dance for the first time.  in this musical mix appeared the biochar man,, jon and his daughter full of life, dance and talk..  jon and i talked, when feet were still, and brained up this day as a day to apply jon genius to our mind’s eye of dreams to grow better understanding of fertility and soil based beauty.  jon comes to consult and give us the intelligence  based understanding of modern bio engineering of mycrobes and bacteria and manure rich investments into soil.  if you don’t mind some rain come this way and learn about the wonders of bio char, and wealthy soil lasting a millenia..

currently only a small handful of people rule the corporations who control our food industry..  we refuse to be content with this historical moment’s march.  small as we are, we are one of the many voices & biceps that makes small farming and family farming continue in this modern moment. got to get back to the garden in heart mind recommunion with the real earth which we are a part.  to me this is the only answer i can wrap my self around on a daily basis.    politics and the current march of humanity numbly marking today as same as yesterday and wakes not to the conditions of vulnerablity we bring to ourselves and our planet does not weaken our resolve to continue to herald the microbes and terra petra..  little it may be to make good soil, but start where you stand,, rise up in little ways as a citizen of the earth, and claim a better way.. today we will do that..  come listen to jon talk to us if you have the time to attend.. fresh made cornbread and fresh pressed apple cider to in joy while ears are open to new info for applications of your own..


a quote, as to our ability to return to a more full citizenship of our land, by returning to the soil and gardens that were the lifestyle this country found origins, within the cycles and intimacy with land and food.      



Food Power: Only Connect


This rising global food movement taps universal human sensibilities—expressed in Hindu farmers in India saving seeds, Muslim farmers in Niger turning back the desert and Christian farmers in the United States practicing biblically inspired Creation Care. In these movements lies the revolutionary power of the food movement: its capacity to upend a life-destroying belief system that has brought us power-concentrating corporatism.


Corporatism, after all, depends on our belief in the fairy tale that market “magic†(Ronald Reagan’s unforgettable term) works on its own without us.


Food can break that spell. For the food movement’s power is that it can shift our sense of self: from passive, disconnected consumers in a magical market to active, richly connected co-producers in societies we are creating—as share owners in a CSA farm or purchasers of fair-trade products or actors in public life shaping the next farm bill.


The food movement’s power is connection itself. Corporatism distances us from one another, from the earth—and even from our own bodies, tricking them to crave that which destroys them—while the food movement celebrates our reconnection. Years ago in Madison, Wisconsin, CSA farmer Barb Perkins told me about her most rewarding moments: “Like in town yesterday,†she said, “I saw this little kid, wide-eyed, grab his mom’s arm and point at me. ‘Mommy,’ he said. ‘Look. There’s our farmer!’â€


At its best, this movement encourages us to “think like an ecosystem,†enabling us to see a place for ourselves connected to all others, for in ecological systems “there are no parts, only participants,†German physicist Hans Peter Duerr reminds us. With an “eco-mind†we can see through the productivist fixation that inexorably concentrates power, generating scarcity for some, no matter how much we produce. We’re freed from the premise of lack and the fear it feeds. Aligning food and farming with nature’s genius, we realize there’s more than enough for all. Farming for natural and organic hemp products for health supplements requires rich and good land. Common supplements include vitamins, minerals and herbal products, also known as botanicals. People take these supplements to make sure they get enough essential nutrients and to maintain or improve their health.


As the food movement stirs, as well as meets, deep human needs for connection, power and fairness, let’s shed any notion that it’s simply “nice†and seize its true potential to break the spell of our disempowerment.

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rain & sun

it’s nice to have the alternating rain and sun, ever more growth still advancing the summer.  wet years, like this one for us, have different ways to them than dry years,  different water management.
in a wet year we manage gutters and trenches, mold and forever weeds silt and all forms of run off. we receive much power from the micro hydro, ( our electric company pays us about $5. a month for our extra power… yeah!!   in dry years we manage hoses, and mulch  and water shared with animals ( including us ) fish horses cows chickens and the forest floors and field and pay for electricity much more directly with dollars.  either way, not too much to do but to accept what is given and in joy the life that is provided.  a farm is good for reminding me at least of this nature of the universe.
our bee hives have been established long enough to have me trained up enough to know something of what i am looking at, and to understand where  the hive is in its progress.  i love this part,, to be part of the story of the hives.  i know they react to my way of being with them.. how i am in side myself is what they respond to..i can’t fool them and they remind me of who i am as a human being, present in myself.
the sisterhood rules in the hives.. all serves the sisterhood that is the community and connectedness of purpose through all the hive.  it is not service to a queen because the queen is also in service to the hive especially. the queen is in total service to the group goal – the ongoing wellness of the community.  john saw what to him looked like a small swarm of bees thursday just before the yoga retreat during the first weekend of july.  that thursday john saw what looked like a small dust cloud moving up hill  from where the 7 hives we have are located.  only raphael and i knew one of those hives had lost it’s queen and that there was a queen cell about ready to hatch out that week.. well she did hatch out, i could see the cell vacant with an opening this week, and seems to me – what john saw was a ritual mating flight of that young queen.  it is only once a queen will fly and the drones ( male bees ) of the neighborhood will follow her ( i had thought i saw a increase slightly of drones in the mix also recently,  this is her mating ritual. 

from that single flight the queen and only she will lay for up to 5 years day and night, every 13 seconds, a new egg.  now that is dedication for sure.. to see such a flight is rare,  and special.. for a hive to successfully requeen shows deep cooperation to the goal of the community continuing.  with out loss of individuality is that not what time it is in human being history?? to return to where the good of the larger whole is served together… ?? the time here at sunswept farm continues to unfold in this direction..
this is sourwood time, and the honey flow is on in full for a second time this year.  because there are few cell phone towers, and few pesticides where we are in region ( no cell phone reception here ), the bees are well supported environmentally. we are learning and – we have learned enough to be of assistance to the apiary – the hive as well, so we have joined the team of nature here more fully as is one of our highest goals here, a rare treat to be settled enough to begin to be of value to our very own nature and place in the universe.  may it be so..  beginning again to be a human being rather than a human doing.  4 people join us today to stay for a week or more as work trade for being here.  a family of 4 arrive from texas, where the drought has hit hard.  they are a traveling family staying with like minded folks, and sharing knowledge and skills and opportunity amongst us all..  here we go!!  on friday russell comes to stay for 4 months, and new projects will surely be in the mix, as well as time for horses and tomatoes!!!!!!!!!!! yum and yee haw

love and permanent culture joining in the garden


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here comes the summer sun

the sound of water abounds, spring creek is our part of the world, and well named we are, cause here water bubbles up everywhere in a wet year.  right now is a wet week part of june’s usual i am glad to say.  the spring rains have moved on to be summer rains, gracing our garden spots with the waters of life.

how does your garden grow

how does your garden grow

growing is like so visible even in the just over night time of one night.  squashes are coming, oh i can see them grow.  our nights are cool, cool enough for really good sleeps, and cool enough to slow summer crops down, and keep spring fare available to us where others have burned up spring favorites.  our broccoli is zooming, and we will eat much of the green stuff this weekend at the yoga retreat and community gathering we are welcoming here.

beautiful air beautiful space to play with your yoga body

this is the second year meghan and mado have chosen to partake in sunswept hospitality and bring their bright light to join us.  yoga instructors extra ordinaire  they are, with kindness and steady instruction, i always find my way to the union of mind body and spirit with the focused leadership of these two  strong gifts of insightful leadership in yoga and more.  i have eaten alison’s cooking and wondered at how much my body has enjoyed her healthy tasty concoctions.  alison loves the woods and what we can eat from the wild.  her love is infectious and brings us goodness in taste form. can’t wait to see what spontaneousness we are in for.    these are special times, with change so greatly a part of the moment.  time is speeding up, and transition and transformation are available and called for.  we will circle together as cells in a body prime, growing into the garden and galaxy, ever more aware we are the conscious ness of star dust reflecting on the light with in and out.  through food music and commonality we join as community of friends and forest combined.  the last of the eclipse sandwich of this month long set of three eclipses starts this weekends gathering.  that and sacred fire to sit around and share each our piece of the current puzzle will we find story and our common root.  stronger with the gift of community we will emerge, growing more united as the song which is our selves gathered.

who nose

we spent our last weekend welcoming the farm tour to our door.  again and again we heard others say as they looked into our farm life, how good it is to come here, and see a work in progress. we demonstrated bio char making and shared the process of doing this with children and parents both. we had the privilege of being photographed and storied up for use in national magazines and personal use in the future.


no one on the farm told anyone visiting of our spirit soul connections with the land.  everyone who came spoke of the obvious ways we connect with this land and the peaceful way so vibrantly felt here.  sanctuary is what each group of arrivals would say,, this is a sanctuary, you can feel your love for your land here.  then each would say thank you for the look into a life nested in the land.  this is the beginning of a 900 year project.. we have just begun, 30 years and counting.

love and permanent culture joining in the garden


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